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Call for Speakers

Call for Speakers: If you know of anyone who would like to present on one aspect of WordPress or anything that is relevant lease contact us. This could include topics such as marketing your site, WP products, services, "how you accomplish X, Y,Z, your favorite plugin, blogging, etc please let us know.

This could be your story, how you helped a client or using a service/plugin etc. 🤣


Help us organize, find speakers, welcome new people and more at the Colorado Springs WordPress Meetup group.

Status: Ongoing

Volunteers Needed: Yes

Experience Required: Familiarity with and/or have a love of WordPress, desire to meet other people who love WordPress, good communication skills, reliability, good organization skills.

Time Commitment: Varies based on role. Anywhere from .5 hours up to 2 hours per month, depending on what you want to do.

Contact Us and let us know how you can help!

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